You are welcome to contact us at info@elitehomedirect.com.au

Why Elite Home Direct is able to save you money significantly?

We are the movers and shakers in furniture business, and have totally different new business model to the rest of the industry.

Our business model is called “Order Just For You”. We keep the operational cost down to the absolute minimum by having no showroom and store staff, no permanent warehouse, no unwanted stock, and minimum ongoing capital. All of these enables us to pass on the saving to our clients.

How Elite Home Direct is able to guarantee quality?

Quality is of paramount importance to us. We are extremely selective when it comes to whom we work with. We only partner with reputable manufacturers, and our products are only made of good quality materials. Dedicated craftsman turn rough stone to diamonds.

Can you make unique furniture just for me?

Not a problem. Simply show us a photo of your desired furniture, we will make it for you.

Can an order be cancelled?

Every item is a special-order item, and only ordered for you. As such, orders for the items cannot be cancelled once placed. To ensure your satisfaction, please call us with any questions you might have prior to ordering.

Unwanted stock will inevitably push up our cost, and subsequently this will lead to higher price for our clients. Thus we appreciate your cooperation on this one with us, so everyone can enjoy lower price.

What is Elite Home Direct club?

It is a special club devoted to you and your home. As a member, you'll receive the following benefits plus lots more year -round ones:

o    10% off full priced products

o    5% off sale, clearance and promotional items

Please refer to its own page for more info on the membership.

How soon do I have to pick up stock from Elite Home Direct?

Our clients will be notified when your stock will be available. You need to organise your delivery or pick up your stock within one week time of stock being available. Any delays will cause extra storage fees for our business, and in turn will have to be passed back onto the client who delays pick up form us. we appreciate your cooperation on this one with us, so everyone can enjoy lower price.

How soon do I need to report product defect?

We do need our clients to report product defect as soon as it appears, so we can send our staff to inspect and rectify it for you. However, we do appreciate people have busy lifestyle these days, so you do have up to one week to report it.

Does payment need to be made in full prior to delivery?

Yes, prior to delivery payment has to be made in full which means it has to be shown in our account. Delivery personals are not our employees so they will not be responsible handling cash for us.

What is the whole purchase process?

Clients order desired furniture online, and make payment or deposit.

Elite Home Direct confirms order within 3 business days after receives payment or deposit.

Elite Home Direct advises tentative delivery date within 10 business days.

Clients will be updated on delivery status.

Two- five days prior to product being available, clients will be notified of a confirmed available date for their stock.

Clients either organize a delivery with us or pick up stock themselves or through their agencies.  

Prior to delivery/pick up, payment needs to be made in full.

Delivery/pick up will be made within one week of stock available date.

Clients sit back and enjoy Elite Home Direct products.