Delivery Information

Elite Home Direct goods are made to your specifications and delivery time is between 6-8 weeks, and in some cases it may take up to 12 weeks. Please note this delivery time frame may vary due to high demand, occasionally resulting in delayed shipment. Please contact [email protected] for further information. You will be advised of an approximate date of arrival at the time your order is placed. Should a delay occur, you will be contacted.

Two to five days prior to your delivery we will SMS or email all of the important delivery information about your order to you. If all the information is correct you will only need to text back OK. If there are any details that are not correct or you wish to change your delivery date please ring us on 0405 051668.

In order to offer our customers a better delivery service these terms and conditions replace any delivery and pickup conditions stated on your order form.

Elite Home Direct Delivery quotes(It may vary from time to time. Please ring for final check):

The following applies if you elect for a carrier arranged by us to deliver the goods (Carrier) instead of collecting or arranging your own collection and/or delivery of the goods.

A. It is important that someone is at home to receive the delivery of your purchase on the designated day. No specific time of delivery can be provided. A four-hour time frame will be advised but cannot be guaranteed. If no person is present to accept the goods on the scheduled delivery day, or the delivery is canceled on the day of the scheduled delivery day, you will be charged for the non-delivery and a further charge for the re- delivery. 

B. Delivery fees are payable 48 hours prior to delivery. If the balance is not paid 48 hours prior to delivery, your goods will be returned to the Distribution Centre and you will be charged for the non- delivery and a further charge for the re-delivery. 

C. It is important that sufficient, clear and safe access is available to deliver the goods you have purchased, as well as adequate coverings for protection on flooring.

D. In cases where the goods need to be disassembled, additional charges will apply. Lounges and dining tables that need to be disassembled and reassembled will incur a minimum cost of $350.00 including GST plus any additional re-delivery fees if the lounge/dining table delivered needs to be returned to the Elite Home Direct Distribution Centre. To avoid re-delivery fees, please advise our Delivery department in advance of any access problems. 

E. Once arrangement for a delivery day is confirmed, there will be a delivery charge as detailed in paragraphs A.

F. In the event of a re-delivery due to reasons above in paragraphs B,C or D, you will be charged double your original delivery fee (2 x delivery fees). 

G. When receiving goods, please inspect thoroughly before signing Received in good order as any claims for scratches, marks, dents or other damage will not be accepted. In the event of any damage, please inform us asap with order number and photo of item’s condition.

H. Failure to collect or take delivery of goods after 21 days from the date of contact by our Delivery department will result in the Sales Order being canceled and all monies paid being forfeited. 

I. We make no representations about the Carrier other than those contained in this document, and we are not responsible for delivery by the Carrier. 

J. All packing and wrapping materials are your responsibility and will be left at the premises (delivery address). 

K. Any damage to property must be reported to the Carriers delivery driver and recorded at the time of delivery. 

Collection of Goods
The following applies if you elect to collect or arrange your own collection and delivery.

A. We will not accept claims for scratches, indentations, marks, missing colour or any other damage once you have collected the goods from our Distribution Centre. 

B. When receiving goods, please inspect thoroughly before collecting as any claims for scratches, marks, dents or other damage will not be accepted.

C. If collecting goods from our Distribution Centre, you must contact us prior to pick-up and make an appointment. 

D. Payment must be made in full, 48 hours prior to collection of goods.

E. OH&S prohibit our staff from lifting furniture outside our warehouse. Please make sure you have sufficient help to carry furniture from our warehouse to your vehicle. 

F. Collection of goods must be made by appointment only and between business hour.