Hotels, Restaurants & Pubs​

Hotels, Restaurants & Pubs​

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Suze Orman

Hotels, Restaurants & Pubs

We have rich experience providing commercial hotels, restaurants, and pub furniture including beds, desks, bar stools, bar tables, club lounges, etc. We do customize any furniture based on your specific requirements. Please contact us for details.

Property Stylists & Decorators

We currently have over 20 property stylists and interior designers working with us. We do customize any furniture based on your requirement. Please contact us to set up your own trade account if you love to set up long term relationship with us.

AirBNB - Serviced Apartments

Making your room attracted to your cusomters is the key for your success. We offer affortable but beautiful and comfortable furniture to accomodate your needs. Feel free to contact our sales team.

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Hotels, Restaurants & Pubs​

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